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yes he has 2 sons and 1 daughter

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โˆ™ 2010-03-02 03:08:20
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Q: Does Roberto loungo have kids
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Who was the first known classical composer?

Roberto loungo

What is Roberto loungo's phone number?


What is the population of Loungo?

Loungo's population is 723.

Where has Roberto Loungo played in his career?

Florida panthers and the Vancouver canucks and the New York islanders islanders being the first Florida the second and vancover is were he plays now

Where was robeto loungo born?


Who is the Vancouver canucks captain?

Thier goalie, Roberto Luongo. In 2010 Loungo relishes role as captain, and captaincy is either going to Henrik Sedin or Ryan Kesler, not yet decided.

Did Roberto Clemente have any children?

Yes/ Roberto had three kids

Does Roberto tapia have kids?


How many Canadians play for Vancouver canucks?

Bolduc, Burrows, Glass, Malhotra, Raymond, Rypien, Torres, Bieksa, Hamuis, Rome, and Roberto Loungo (gold medalist for Canada 2010). 11 players.

Did Roberto Nevillis hate kids?


Did Roberto clemente have kids?

Three sons

Does Roberto alomar has kids?

2 sons and a daughter

Where are Roberto Clemente's kids now?

One of his kids, Roberto Clemente Jr., is doing well in the industry. I recently met him at the US Open (a surfing competition) in Huntington Beach, California. He is really nice. (:

How many kids did Roberto Clemente's have?

`13, all born with different moms.

Who are the NHL's best goalies?

Fleury of the Pittspurgh Penguins Loungo of the Vancouver Canucks Broduer of the New Jersey Devils

Does Carlos Roberto Pena have kids?

No! no way he's not even married yet but i think he has abrother or two.

Who is Roberto Clemente's son?

•Roberto Jr., Luis Roberto, and Enrique Roberto.

What Names of Roberto Clemente children?

Roberto Clemente Junior Luis Roberto Enrique Roberto

What has the author Roberto Poloni written?

Roberto Poloni has written: 'Roberto Poloni'

What has the author Roberto Barni written?

Roberto Barni has written: 'Roberto Barni'

Does wonder women have a son or daughter?

yes, she does she has three kids. one daughter and too sons. there names are roberto,rosita,and david

What is the birth name of Roberto Rondelli?

Roberto Rondelli's birth name is Rondelli, Roberto.

What is the birth name of Roberto Miquel?

Roberto Miquel's birth name is Roberto Miguel.

What are the names of Roberto clementes children names?

He and is wife Vera Zabala had three children: Roberto Jr., Luis Roberto and Enrique Roberto.

How do you say Roberto es our primo in spanish?

Roberto es nuestro primo = Roberto is our cousin