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absoulotley he is the best player in the history of football.

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Q: Does Roberto Carlos have the shot of all time?
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Were all of Roberto Carlos's concerts canceled this year?

Roberto Carlos is a professional soccer player and doesn't have concerts.

Who is the all time appearance player in the uefa champions league?

It's Raul with 120 appearances, all for Real Madrid. Roberto Carlos is second with 118 (105 with Real Madrid, 13 with Fenerbahce).

What is Pablo Picasso Friends name?

All I know is Carlos Casagemas who had shot himself.

Are all the members of big time rush single?

all but carlos

Who is the oldest in the Big Time Rush show?

Carlos is the oldest of them all.

Who is the best defensive right fielder of all time?

Roberto Clemente, hands down.

Who is the Number 2 all time rebounder for the Utah jazz?

carlos boozer

Who is the richest preson of all time?

According to Forbes Magazine, Carlos Slim.

Who all is in the band Big Time Rush?

Kendall, Logan, Carlos, and James.

What is the all time soccer team?

GK: Lev Yashin DF: Paolo Maldini, Carlos Alberto, Franz Beckenbauer, Roberto Carlos MF: Zinedine Zidane, Lothar Matthus, David Beckham, Johan Cruyff FR: Diego Maradona, Ferenc Puskas Subs: GK: Iker Casillas DF: Cafu, Frank de Boer MF: Steven Gerrard, Cristiano Ronaldo, Roberto Baggio FR: Lionel Messi, Dennis Bergkamp

Roberto clemente baseball all-time greats cards worth?

Roberto Clemente baseball all-time great cards vary in value based on condition and year of issuance. A Roberto Clemente 1955 Topps Baseball Rookie Card RC in mint condition is worth $3,400. A 1955 Topps ROBERTO CLEMENTE Rookie Pittsburgh Pirates PSA 8 is worth $13,000.

Is Carlos from Big Time Rush in a relationship?

yes he is he has a dog that's all though

Do carlos's pick their butts?

Yes,all the time even in class and around their girlfriends. :)

How do you spell all Big Time Rush boys?

Kendall James Carlos Logan

What is Carlos Pena Jr's favorite song?

Carlos has said that his all time favorite song is "Slow Dancing In A Burning Room" by John Legend.

How many shot attempts does Kobe Bryant have all time?


Who sings the song Till?

kendall,james,carlos,logan they are all from big time rush

Is Carlos Boozer Sr and Renee boozer still together?

Yeah they pork all the time!!

How old are the band members from Big Time Rush?

They are all 21. Logan and Carlos are older than James and Kendall as you can see. (James and Kendall are 20)1st Name, Middle Name, Last NameMonthDayYearCarlos Roberto PenaAugust15th1989James David MaslowJuly16th1990Kendall Francis SchmidtNovember2nd1990Logan Philip HendersonSeptember14th1989

Who is the NCAA all time shot blocker?

Jarvis Varnado, with 564 blocks

What happened to the man who shot Jesse James?

He became by all time hero!

Does carlos pena jr like baking?

He does. All the guys in Big Time Rush love to cook.

Who is the 2nd best player in Chicago Bulls?

Currently: Carlos Boozer All-time: Scottie Pippen

Why is juan Carlos is know as Carlos the fifth?

he isn't known as that at all.

Which players scored the best football goals?

The player which scored the best football goals of all time were awarded to Diego Maradona, Robert Baggio, Pele, Maxi Rodriguez, Johan Cruyff. Others were Frank Lampard, Rivaldo, Roberto Carlos, Andres Vasquez and last but not least Marta.