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Yes, RBC Canada does sponsor hockey teams in the winter.In fact, they have recently become a premier sponsor of an organization called Hockey Canada. This started back in the 1940's, specifically 1947.

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Q: Does RBC Canada sponsor any hockey teams in the winter?
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Which team won the hockey gold medal at the 1972 Winter Olympics?

Soviet Union. Canada did not compete in hockey at the 1972 Winter Olympics to protest the perceived professionalism of teams from Communist countries.

Did Canada send its hockey team to compete in the 1972 Winter Olympics?

No. Canada did not participate in ice hockey at the 1972 Winter Games in Sapporo or the 1976 Winter Games in Innsbruck in protest over the use of professional players by some of the other countries. Canada petitioned the International Olympic Committee to be allowed to use paid players from the National Hockey League since other countries were using players that were paid by their government to play. The petition was denied and Canada refused to send ice hockey teams to the 1972 and 1976 Games.

How many hockey teams are there in Canada?

There are now 7 after the return of the Winnipeg Jets.

What are three professional sport teams in Canada?

Ottawa Senators - Hockey Toronto Blue Jays - Baseball Montreal Canadians - Hockey

Are there any childrens lacrosse teams in the Territories of Canada?

Yes, Canada is the most popular country in the world for youth lacrosse. Obviously, the US has the college teams but many hockey players in Canada find lacrosse very simliar to hockey and take it as a a great spring conditioning oppertunity

What are some of the teams that play in the AHL hockey franchise?

Some of the teams that play in the American Hockey team or AHL for short are Springfield, Philadelphia, Providende and New Haven. The AHL is made up from teams from the United States and Canada.

Which are the ice hockey teams participated in winter Olympics 2010?

Mens:CanadaSlovakiaRussiaUnited StatesFinlandSwedenCzech RepublicSwitzerlandGermanyBelarusLatviaNorwayWomens:CanadaSwedenSwitzerlandSlovakiaUnited StatesFinlandRussiaChina (Belive it or not)

Do Canada usually win any gold medals for Ice Hockey?

yes Canada won gold in both mens and womens ice hockey at the Salt Lake City Winter games of 2002. The women repeated in 2006 at Turin. In Vancouver in 2010, both the Canadian mens and womens teams took home the gold.

what is brtish columbia hockey team?

The British Columbia Hockey League is a Junior A ice hockey league from British Columbia under Hockey Canada , a subsection of the Canadian Junior Hockey League . Founded in Vernon in 1961, the BCHL now includes 17 teams. These teams play in three divisions, known as the Interior, Island and Mainland divisions.

How many professional hockey teams are there in the world?

There are only 30 teams in the NHL total, 6 of those NHL teams are in Canada and the other 24 are in the United States .

Why are Canadian hockey legends important to Canada?

AnswerIce hockey is popular in Canada for several reasons. Among them are the apparent fact of its creation there and the quite suitable climate for anybody to play the sport most of the year.

How many professional hockey teams are in canada?

There are six NHL teams in Canada: Ottawa Senators, Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks, Calgary Flames, and Edmonton Oilers