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Yes, it does seem a lot worse. Randy Orton was still on RAW and was still fueding with Evolution. Raw seems like it has changed a lot, and in my opinion not for the better. Raw needs Chris Jericho and Batista, Orton and Benoit, it created better matches, and interesting storylines.

AnswerI agree with the above statement Raw needs Orton, Jericho, Benoit, and Batista. I looked forward every Monday Night to see Orton kick the sh*t out of Triple H and Benoit and Jericho together in tag team action. Now I look forward to Friday night Smackdown cause in my personal opinion, Smackdown is now way better than Raw. But Raw in mid 2004 to early 2005 was the best. The draft lottery and the McMahon's are destroying Raw. AnswerNo. Back then, Triple H was feusing with Eugene (dud fued), Nobody expected Orton to win the title, and did a bad job with it, and other fueds have been bad. Now we have McMahon family vs. Austin, HHH vs. Ric Flair, and the tag team division is starting to shape up again. AnswerRaw, from any point, in the past is better than this entire year! People are going to stop watching if they don't start pumping out better storylines. Ecah new storyline is getting worse and worse then the prior. I don't know how many fans agree, with me, but I've lost, a lot of, interest this year, and will stop watching when Angle beats Cena, someday, and Batista loses his belt, if they don't get better storylines, soon. Oh, and WWE please, I beg on my knees, get Coach off commentary. I want JR back! If you can't do that, put anyone but Coach or Eric Bischoff, on instead! AnswerThe draft Lottery ruined the brands for mid to late 2005. Hopefully, there will be some good storylines, otherwise, the McMahons will make it worse than it already is! Answeri honestly have not been pleased with the wwe product since the roster split in 2002. there has been some good shows here and there like the 2004 lottery and homecoming but nothing will ever beat raw from 98-01. those were the best years because u just never knew what was going to happen. especially when the Austin/vince feud was in its prime from late 98-mid 99.
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Q: Does RAW from mid-late 2004 seem a lot better then what it is now?
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