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Tackles have been an unofficial stat for a long time. As a result, it is tuff to say who actually holds this record. Regardless, Willis had a fantastic rookie season and is still playing at a Pro Bowl level.

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Q: Does Patrick willis own the rookie record for most tackles in a single season?
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Who led the 49ers in Tackles in the 2008 season?

Patrick Willis

What is the NFL record for most tackles for loss?

In the 2008 season, D'Qwell Jackson of Cleveland had the most tackles with 154.

Who leads the NFL in tackles for 2009?

Inside Linebacker Patrick Willis of the San Francisco 49ers led the NFL in tackles. He racked up 174 tackles in 2007.

Who holds the record for Most broken tackles in a season?

Michael Turner, 44

How many goals did Teemu selanne score in his rookie season?

76, which is a rookie goal record.

Who holds Michigan states single season scoring record?

Who holds the Michigan State record for tackles in a season?

What former phillie holds the marlins record for saves as a rookie?

I couldn't find a rookie Marlins that played for the Phillies that has the record for most saves as a rookie. However, Dontrelle Willis in his rookie season had 14 wins, a Marlins team record for a rookie. He is currently on the Phillies.

What is the single game tackle record for NFL football?

Since tackles are not an official stat, the coaches review all the film (numerous times no doubt) and decide how many tackles (solo/assist) each player had. According to this method, Patrick Willis does hold the unofficial record for tackles in a single season with 226 accredited. At 6'1", nearly 250lbs and running a 4.4s 40, it doesn't seem far fetched :)

Who holds the San Diego Chargers record for most receptions as a rookie?

WR Keenan Allen has set the Chargers rookie record for most receptions in a season. Thru week 14 of the 2013 NFL season he has made 61 receptions. The previous record holder was WR John Jefferson who caught 56 passes in his rookie season in 1978.

Who has the most solo tackles in the 2007 NFL season?

Patrick Willis, linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers, had the most solo tackles in 2007 with 135. He also had 39 assist tackles, totaling 174 total tackles. DJ Williams of Denver came in second with 108 solo tackles and Jon Beason of Carolina was in third with 106.

Who has the most tackles in the NFL?

The NFL does not keep official stats (records) for most tackles for a game or season. I'm not sure why but I think it's because it's so subject to judgment. Figuring who gets a tackle and who gets the assist can be very difficult and easily argued. ----------- The most tackles I have ever seen credited to one player in a season is Tommy Nobis, LB, Atlanta Falcons. In 1966 he unofficially recorded 294 tackles, as a rookie. The unofficial season record, recognized by the league, is 214 tackles by Hardy Nickerson, LB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1993. 222 by Eugene Lockhart of the Dallas Cowboys back in 1989.

Does Steve towle own the NFL single season tackle record?

yes, in 1976 with 217 tackles with the Dolphins.