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They do not have an Ice Hockey team.۴ۥ

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โˆ™ 2012-02-28 03:48:57
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Q: Does Nicaragua have an ice hockey team?
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Is US a team for mens ice hockey?

Yes the Us does have a team for mens Ice hockey. In the Olympics and the international ice hockey Championships.

What is the Las Vegas ice hockey team called?

Las Vegas does not have an ice hockey team.

What Hockey team name begins with you?

The University of Minnesota Golden Gophers is an ice hockey team. The Utah Utes are an ice hockey team at the University of Utah.

Do the Miami canes have a ice hockey team?

As of 2011 the University of Miami does have a Club Ice Hockey team, they play in the American Collegiate Hockey League

Information about ice hockey team?

Ice hockey has a lot of teams. The best team right now is probably the Boston Bruins.

How many players are there in a hockey team?

22 for ice hockey

What do you wear if your on an ice hockey team?

hockey equipment ya dumb...

What country did the US hockey team defeat for the gold medal?

The men's ice hockey team beat Canada in 1960 and Russia in 1980. The women's ice hockey team beat Canada in 1998. Neither field hockey team has ever won a gold medal.

Is capitals a soccer team?

It's an ice hockey team.

Is there a hockey team called the Richmond royals?

Yes. there is an ice hockey travel team from Richmond, Virginia.

Does Norwich have a youth ice hockey team?


Does lille have an ice hockey team?

Not in the NHL.

What is Washington Capitals?

They are an ice hockey team.

Who were the winners in Women's Ice Hockey in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics?

The Canada women's Olympics ice hockey team members took home the gold medal, while the United States of America women's Olympics ice hockey team members won the silver medal, and the Switzerland women's Olympics ice hockey team took the bronze medal.

Is there picture of the hockey team on ice?

yes depending on what team you support

What is Ca nada's ice hockey team called?

Team Canada

Team sport played on ice with stick and a puck?

Hockey is a team sport played on ice with the following,

Which team won the gold medal for mens ice hockey in 1980?

Team USA it was the miracle on ice.

What is Canada's best olympic event?

Ice hockey ... Canada has won 11 gold medals in ice hockey, 8 by the men's team and 3 by the women's team.

What was Vancouver's first ice hockey team?

while maybe not the first team i am sure, the first professional hockey team was the Vancouver millionaires.

What is the Canadian Ice Hockey team called?

The national team is called Team Canada.

Which Ice hockey team is based in Cumberland County Civic Center?

The Cumberland County Civic Center in Portland, Maine is home to the Portland Pirates ice hockey team. The Portland Pirates are a minor professional team in the American Hockey League.

How is ice made in hockey arenas?

Ice is laid down by the maintenance team.

Who won the gold medal in Women's Ice Hockey in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics?

The winners of the gold medal in the Women's Ice Hockey competition in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics are the team members of the Canadian women's Olympics ice hockey team.

What sports team has 6 members?

Ice Hockey.