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Q: Does Nadia Comaneci have a granddaughter who is a?
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Who is the amazing gymnast with the red ball that people are mistakenly saying is Nadia Comaneci's granddaughter?

boyanka angelova

What is the birth name of Nadia Comaneci?

Nadia Comaneci's birth name is Nadia Elena Comneci.

What is nadia comaneci's middle name?

Nadia Comaneci's middle name is Elena.

How many records does Nadia Comaneci have and why?

Nadia Comaneci has 20 records al for gymnastics c

Where Nadia Comaneci trained?

Nadia Comaneci trained profecianally in a gymnastics school with bela karolyi

Does Nadia Comaneci have a granddaughter who is a gymnast?

As Nadia Comaneci was born in 1961 (age 49 in 2011, 50 this November) and only married Bart Connor in the 1990's, she does not have a granddaughter who does gymnastics. They do however have a son named Dylan Paul Conner, born on June 3, 2006 in Oklahoma City. The question may have arisen because of a video on Youtube which falsely identifies the Bulgarian gymnast Boyanka Angelova (born 1994) as Comaneci's granddaughter.

What is nadia comaneci's full name?

Nadia Elena Comăneci

How did nadia comaneci train?


Where did nadia comaneci immigrate to?


Was Nadia Comaneci Russian?

No,she was from Romania

Is Nadia Comaneci white?


Who did nadia comaneci get married to?