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Q: Does NCAA football 11 have Denard Robinson Michigan quarterback?
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What team is denard Robinson on what sport team?

Denard Robinson is the starting quarterback for the University of Michigan NCAA football team, the Wolverines. The school is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Which college football quarterback has the most rushing yards in a season?

denard robinson

Who is the NCAA leading rusher for a quarterback?

Pat white ed: Denard Robinson (MICHIGAN)

Who wore football jersey number 16 for the Michigan Wolverines?

Denard Robinson, I own a jersey

What college did NFL player Denard Robinson play for?

NFL player Denard Robinson played for Michigan.

What college quarterback has thrown 2000 yards and rushed for 1500 yards in the same season?

Denard Robinson QB Michigan 2010

Who is the leading College quarterback rushing and passing combined?

Denard Robinson

Who holds the record for the most rushing yards by a college quarterback in a season?

Denard Robinson

African American Michigan wolverines quarterback?

Dennis Franklin (1972-1974) Demetrius Brown (1987-1988) Michael Taylor (1987-1989) Denard Robinson (2009-Present)

What is the NCAA Division 1 season record for rushing yards by a quarterback?

1,494 by Beau Morgan of Air Force in 1996. Denard Robinson of Michigan is on pace to break this record in 2010

Who is better denard Robinson or terelle pryor?

Denard Robinson... hands down

What is Denard Robinson's birthday?

Denard Robinson was born on September 22, 1990.

When was Denard Robinson born?

Denard Robinson was born on September 22, 1990.

How tall is Denard Robinson?

NFL player Denard Robinson is 5'-11''.

Single season rushing yards for a college quarterback?

Denard Robinson from the University of Michigan holds the record for most rushing yards by a quarterback in a season with 1,538 yards. Robinson also holds the record for most career rushing yards by a QB in NCAA history with 4,495 yards.

Who is the top rusher in college football?

Denard Robinson why would you ask From:Cadilac Williams

What NFL team does Denard Robinson play for?

Denard Robinson plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Who is the fastest college football Quarterback?

Denard "Shoelace" Robinson for Michigan is the fastest QB in the nation. He runs a 4.3 40. or Pat White for WVU he plays QB but is faster than most RB's he set a record for the most rushing yards for a QB EVER!

Is denard roberson a senior in collage football for the Michigan?

yes he is he graduated in 2012- 2013

What position does Denard Robinson play?

Denard Robinson plays Wide Receiver for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

What is Denard Robinson's number on the Jacksonville Jaguars?

Denard Robinson is number 16 on the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Are Nate Robinson and Denard Robinson related?


How fast is denard Robinson 100 meter?

Denard Robinson runs the 100 meter in 10.4 seconds

How old is Denard Robinson?

Denard Robinson is 21 years old (birthdate: September 22, 1990).

Why does denard Robinson act like he is eating after every touchdown?

Because he and the Michigan team are hungry and starving for wins.