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that depends who you are and what ur listenng to. if i like the song a lot it may get me pumped up and i may find rythym, however if someone plays Country Music, i will probably airball every shot. that's just me.

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Depends on the player.

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Q: Does Music Effect how many basketball shots you can make?
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What is a field gold in basketball?

A field goal is the number of shots you make out of the number of shots you take

Will a girls basketball make more shots than a boys?


If you shot the basketball 25 times and made 68 percent of the shots how many did you make?

You would make 25 * 0.68 shots; or 17 shots made.

What shots do basketball players make most often?

The odds are the closer the player is to the basket when they shoot, the better chance they have to make the shot. That would make layups and slam dunks the shots that basketball players make the most often.

Jay practiced his foul shots for the upcomming basketball game he attempted 45 shots and made 36 of them what is the probability that jay would make the foul shot?

Jay would make 4 out of 5 shots.

How many shots did a basketball player make if he usually makes 50 percent of his shots taken and on a bad night his percentage drops bay a factor of 1 half and he took 12 shots?

He made three shots.

Can classical music make you shoot better in basketball?

No it dosnt

Help getting the confidence to take more shots at basketball?

If you are practicing harder outside of games, then when gametime comes you will have the confidence to take and make the shots because you believe that you put the time in.

Does wetness effect a basketball?

I have played with a wet basketball and itdoesn't make a difference except it might slip out of your hands

At basketball practice Jeremy made 35 percent of the free throw shot he took if he took 40 shots ,how many free throw shots did he make?

Convert to a fraction, then convert to a decimal by dividing the numerator by the denominator. 0.00875 of per shots

How can you make your breastsbutt larger?

Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots!

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They make the music louder