Does Michigan have a nfl team?

Updated: 12/8/2022
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Q: Does Michigan have a nfl team?
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Who is Michigan's football team?

NFL - Detroit LionsCollege - Michigan Wolverines and the Michigan State Spartans

What is the worst starting NFL team to make it to the Super Bowl?

i think it was the Michigan team.

What is Taylor Lautner footballll team?

College Footbal: Michigan Wolverines NFL: Detroit Lions

Is Taylor Lautner going to the NFL if so for what team?

taylor wouldn't be in the NFL but he might be in college football. Some college in west michigan

What NFL team does Le'Veon Bell play for?

NFL player Le'Veon Bell played for Michigan State.

What is Taylor lautner's fravorite NFL team?

well im from Australia so i cant remember what its called but the one from Michigan

What is Nevada NFL team?

Nevada has never had a team in the NFL.

Does Wyoming have an NFL team?

does wyoming have a nfl team

Which NFL teams have the most wins?

The Chicago Bears have the most regular season wins (686) and the most total wins (702) of any NFL team.

Are the Denver Broncos an NFL team or college?

They are NFL team.

What is Maine's pro NFL team?

Maine does not have an NFL team.

Which team plays in the NFL?

what do you mean what team plays in the NFL there are several