Does Micheal Jordon play b-ball

Updated: 12/8/2022
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um... i think he plays BASKET ball

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Q: Does Micheal Jordon play b-ball
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What position did Micheal Jordon play?

shooting guard

How old is Micheal Jordon?

Micheal Jordon is currently 45 years old.

Who a famous person that playes basketball?

to me it is MIcheal Jordon and Steve Nash to me it is MIcheal Jordon and Steve Nash

Do jordon have brother?

Micheal Jordon hasn a old brother, his brother is also a basketball player,and the jersey No. is 45.NO.45 Micheal jordon ever wore it at the court. Do you know why Micheal Jordon choose NO. 23. he said, it is enough if I could achieve a half of my brother. We all know Micheal Jordon is the best player in the world

Is Micheal Jordon in the Hall of Fame?


How did Micheal Jordon revolutionize basketball?


Does Micheal Jordon have a wife?

He did, but he's now divorced.

How many times did Micheal Jordon retirer?


What hand does Micheal Jordon use?

right hand

What is Micheal Jordon's Basketball Salary?

5 billion

Who were Micheal Jordan's coaches for the Bulls?

Phil Jackson who was coach with Micheal Jordon for 6 years.

How many awards did Michael Jordan have on the White Sox?

Micheal Jordon never made it to the Major Leagues, and did not play for the White Sox