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Q: Does Louis Tomlinsion support Manchester City or Manchester United?
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What football team does Louis Tomlinson support?

Louis Tomlinson supports Manchester United.

What team does Louis support in one direction?

Manchester United

What football team dose Louis Tomlinson support?

He supports Manchester United.

Which members in one direction support Manchester united?

Louis, Zayn and Harry

What is Louis Tomlinsion's eye coluor?


What is Louis Tomlinsion's favorite colour?

Green and Blue

How old is Louis tomlinsion?

Louis Tomlinsion ( From One Direction ) is 21, he was born in Doncaster, England. His birthdate is December 24th ( Christmas eve ) Year: 1991 I Hope This Helped! :)

What football team does Louis support?

Louis Tomlinson supports Manchester United.

Where was louis tomlinsion born?

ย Doncaster, South Yorkshire, Englandย 

What soccer team do one direction support?

Niall supports Derby County, Liam supports West Brom and Zayn, Louis and Harry are Manchester United supporters.

What is Louis Tomlinsons favourite football team?

Louis Tomlinson supports Manchester United.

What is Louis Tomlinsons favorite football team?

Manchester United!

What is Louis Tomlinson's favorite soccer team?

Manchester United

What team do one direction support?

Niall-DURBY Zayn, Louis and Harry- MANCHESTER UNITED Liam- West Bromwich Albion

What team does Louis Tomlinson support?

Manchester city hes been found on a video

What football teams does one direction support?

zayn,louis and harry suport manchester united niall supports derby liam supports West Bromwich Albion

Does Louis Tomlinson play football with the Manchester united?

No - Louis Tomlinson is a singer, a member of X Factor group One Direction.

When was Louis van Gaal appointed?

Louis van Gaal was appointed on 14 July 2014 as the Manager of Manchester United in England.

What is one direction favorite Liverpool or mancheter united?

None of the One Direction boys support Liverpool. Although, Louis supports Manchester United and so does Zayn and Harry. Liam supports West Brom and Niall supports Derby County.

Who played for Manchester united and everton?

Phil Neville, Wayne Rooney, Louis Saha, Darren Gibson, Tim Howard.

Can you name the players who have played for both Manchester united and fulham?

Edwin van der sar Louis saha

What is 1Ds members name full names?

Harry Edward Styles, Zayn Javadd Malik, Niall James Horan, Liam James Payne and Louis William Tomlinsion

Where did Louis Tomlinson auditioned?


What club teams did the soccer player Louis Saha play for?

Louis Saha, the soccer player, has played for as many soccer clubs as 9, including the National team France. He has played for the Metz, Newcastle United, Fulham, Manchester United, Everton, Tottenham Hotspur, Sunderland and most currently Lazio.

What evidence does Wiesel use to support his argument that the US was indifferent to the Nazi concentration camps?

Answer: The United States returned the St. Louis to Germany.