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She played on the 2008 Austrialian Olympic Netball team. She lives in Queensland, Australia.

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Q: Does Laura Geitz live in Australia?
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When was Laura Geitz born?

Laura Geitz was born on 1987-11-04.

What position does Laura Geitz play for the Queensland Firebirds?

Laura Geitz is the Goal Keeper for the Queensland Firebirds.

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Liz Ellis is arguably the best defender ever but is retired. current players such as Casey Williams, Bianca Chatfield, and Laura Geitz are stampig there mark on that title.

Who is the Queensland Firebirds captain in 2011?

The captain is Lauren Nourse, however she injured her knee and had to undergo a knee reconstruction. The vice-captain, Laura Geitz, lead the team for the rest of the season in 2011.

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