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no, but it does have a few minor league teams

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โˆ™ 2011-11-10 05:15:34
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Q: Does Kentucky have pro sport team?
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What sport is played in Kentucky?

The University of Kentucky has a better basketball team than its football team. The other major "sport" is thoroughbred racing.

What was the worst pro sport team in 2002?

the 7sixers

What professional sport team does Nevada follow?

unlv is there college team they dont have a pro one

Pro sport team that starts with a j?

New York - "Jets"

What pro sport team starts with the letter w?

Washington Wizards

Are there any pro sports teams in KY?

No, Kentucky doesn't have a professional sports team.

Hawaii's professional sport teams?

they do not have a pro sports team so far.

Who is Top grossing pro sport team in US?

New York Yankees

How do you get a tryout with a pro soccer team?

You don't want to because its a women sport

Does west virginia a have pro sport team?

No - Minor league basketball only

What percent of athletes go pro in Kentucky?

About 5% go pro In Kentucky

Is lacrosse a pro sport?

lacrosse is a pro sport.

Is pro wrestling a sport?

Yes it is - there is competition, team members, winners/losers etc.

Rules for illegal behavior on a pro sports team?

It depends on what sport you're talking about.

What team has won more regular season games than any other pro team in any sport?

The cubs!

What team won the most regular season games in any other pro sport?


What Pro sport team name after bird?

Seattle Seahawks (NFL) Baltimore Orioles (MLB)

When did Pro Sport Hockey happen?

Pro Sport Hockey happened in 1993.

What was the very first sport in Illinois?

The first pro sports team in Illinois was the Chicago Cubs, founded in 1875.

What cities don't have pro sport teams?

If you are talking about major cities, many cites in the Maritimes like St. John's and Fredricton don't have a pro sports team.

When was Pro Sport Hockey created?

Pro Sport Hockey was created on 1993-03-06.

What happens when you are pro in Wii sports?

Wii Sports will send a letter to your wii message board stating the following: What sport you earned PRO ranking in, What Mii earned PRO ranking in that sport, The Day PRO ranking was achieved, Number of games that had to be played to earn your PRO ranking in that sport That Mii's debut in WII SPORTS. Your Mii that earned PRO ranking will also this symbol beside their name when they play in the sport that sport they earned pro ranking: [PRO]

Is curling an individual sport or a team sport?

Curling is a team sport.

What was first pro hockey team in Romania?

Steaua, BucureÅŸti, URL site: and Sport Club, Miercurea Ciuc

Who is Bill Clinton's favorite pro sports team?

Former president Bill Clinton's favorite pro sport is football. He has never come out and said who his favorite football team is. He has been seen at a lot of Orioles games in the past.