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Kelley Earnhardt works for JR Motorsports. Kelley, along with Dale Jr., Tony Eury Jr. and Rick Hendrick, co-own JR Motorsports.

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Q: Does Kelley Earnhardt work for Dale Earnhardt Jr.?
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What is Dale Earnhardt Jr's and Kelley Earnhardt's mother's name?

Dale Earnhardt Sr's father was Ralph Lee Earnhardt and his mother is Martha Coleman.

Does Dale Earnhardt have a sister?

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has an older sister named Kelley and also a younger half-sister named Taylor Nicole. Dale Jr and Kelley's mother is Brenda Gee, Dale Sr's second wife. Taylor's mother is Teresa Earnhardt.

Who was the woman with Dale Earnhardt Jr. at Daytona?

Probably his sister, Kelley.

Who is Dale Earnhardt Jr's biological mother?

Her name is Brenda Gee, and she is the mother of both Dale Junior and Kelley Earnhardt-Elledge.

Who will get DEI when Teresa Earnhardt dies?

Kerry, Dale Jr., Kelley & Taylor

Who owns JR Motorsports?

JR Motorsports is co-owned by Dale Earnhardt Jr., Rick Hendrick and Kelley Earnhardt Miller (Junior's sister).

What kid is the oldest in the Dale Earnhardt family?

No, he is not. Dale Sr. had four children, sons Kerry and Dale Jr. and daughters, Kelley and Taylor Nicole.

Did Dale Earnhardt Sr. have a family?

Yes. Dale Earnhardt Sr's current wife was Teresa Houston and he also had four children, Kerry, Kelley, Dale Jr., and Taylor Nicole.

Does Dale Earnhardt Jr. have any siblings?

No. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. has three siblings, half-brother Kerry Dale Earnhardt, from his father's first marriage, sister Kelley King Earnhardt and half-sister Taylor Nicole Earnhardt from his father's third marriage. Dale Jr was just messing with the media. He only has one older half-brother (Kerry), one older sister, (Kelly) and one younger half-sister (Taylor). To my knowledge, his mother Kathy & her husband don't have any children together.

How many kids does Dale Earnhardt Jr. have?

Dale Sr. had four children. He had two sons, Kerry and Dale Jr. and two daughters, Kelley and Taylor Nicole.

Is Tex Earnhardt related to Dale Earnhardt Sr.?

No, he is not. They were both former teammates at DEI.

Is Dale Earnhardt Jr. Dale Earnhardt Sr's son?

Yes. Dale Jr. is the late Dale Earnhardt Sr's son.