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Hell no! , The changes in the frames and the plastics are dramitic

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โˆ™ 2010-03-03 13:36:12
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Q: Does KTM 125 2008 plastics fit a KTM 125 2002?
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Does ktm 125 2003 plastics fit a ktm 125 2002?

It won't be a bolt on clean operation, but you could probably get the fenders to work, not sure about the side panels and the tank is different so I doubt the radiator shrouds would fit. But if you have a hacksaw, dremel and a drill, anything is possible.

Will 2004 ktm 125 sx plastics fit an 03 and how different are the tail sections?

Everything should be an exact fit. Check out for all your KTM questions

Who invented the Ktm 125?


Will a 2007 ktm 125 sx gas tank fit on your 1999 ktm 125 sx so you can put new plastics on it?

Highly unlikely, I would suggest finding someone who has an 07 and checking the fit before I buy one.

What is faster a ktm sx 125 or a kawasaki kx 100?

KTM 125

Is there a ktm 110?

yes there is the ktm ktm 85 ktm 110 ktm 125 ktm 150 ktm 250 ktm 500

Is a ktm 125 better than kx 85?

it depends on the type of ktm there are all different kinds of ktm 125's

Adjust tick over on a KTM 125?

how do i adjust the tickover on a ktm 125 sx 2007 model

What is faster kx125 or ktm125?

kx 125 is better because KTM 125 or any ktm snap so go with kx 125

Does KTM 125 2005 plastics fit a KTM 125 2003?

The front number plate and fender will fit. The side number plates, rear fender and airboxes will not. The 2005 KTM bikes have the side number plates attached to the rear fender (all as one piece) the 2003 models have number plates that attach indiviually (not as one piece)

What is the ktm 125 top speed?

i got my 2000 ktm 125 sx doin 70 mph stock acrossed a lake

Can you make 2005 plastics fit on a 2001 ktm sx 125?

It has a different part number so it will not bolt right on, but with a little bit of persuading, it would probably fit.

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