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Q: Does John Cena love his fans?
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Is John cena bad?

No. John Cena is not bad. If John Cena was bad, he would not care about his fans. John Cena will always support his fans so John Cena is GOOD!!!!!

Will John Cena date fans?

No John cena will not date fans cause he is famous the fans are not and plus it will affect his wrestling relationship

Who has more fans sachin tendulkar or john cena?

john cena

Who has more fans john cena or the undertaker?

John cena obusaly

Who has more fans john cena or Robert Pattinson?

i think Robert pattinson is hot but john cena has more fans

Was John Cena ever hated by WWE fans?

Never john cena was one of the only superstars to always be cheered on by fans

Who have the biggiest fans on WWE?

John Cena

Who has more fans in WWE?

John Cena

Who has more fans John cena or Randy Orton?

John Cena has more younger fans, while Orton fans are teens/young adults. overall, judging by merchandise, i think Cena has the most fans. if either of the men left the WWE, the WWE would be screwed though.

What year did john cena graduate from cushing academy?

In 1994. From GianLuca one of the biggest John Cena fans.

Why have the fans turned on John Cena?

well john cena has to stay in the buisness a little longer and then they will like them i for one am a john cena fan no one beats the CHAMP!!!

Will John Cena always love his fans?

Of course! He always has, but for the last few years fans have not been showing alot of respect to John, only because they're jealous and he is very charismatic!

Who was john cena's first love?

John cena's first love was WWE diva maira xx

Who has the most fans in WWE 2012?

john cena

Which WWE superstar have most fans?

john cena

Who is having the most fans in WWE?

John Cena

Are Triple H's fans more than john cena?

no. hhh has more fans because he was there before john

Is john cena better than Randy Orton?

I like both superstars but I would have to say Cena because he talks to his fans on Twitter a lot and he shows his love for them every night. Randy doesn't talk to his fans on twitter a lot.

Who won Kane or John Cena last night?

john cena because he rocks i love john cena he's awesome

Well can you contact John Cena for you?

I dont think john cena has time to connect with fans like over the phone and stuff

Do john cena love maria kanellis?

John cena's married. So no he doesn't.

Does john cena really love Liz or is he just using her?

No John Cena would never use a girl. John Cena Love's his wife. They got Married July 11 2009.

Who has more fans John cena or cm punk?

Of course cm punk he is best in the world best wrestler of 2011 wwe champion and he has more fans than John cena because cm punk is much Better than cena

Who is John Carlo Going out with?

i love john cena

Is John Cena a fake?

No, he is not, he is perfectly real, and loves all of his fans!