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Jamaica first participated in the Summer Olympics in 1948 and has participated in every Summer Olympics since then.

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Q: Does Jamaica participate in most Olympic games?
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Who is the most famous Olympic games country?


What is the difference between the first Olympic games and the current Olympic games?

Well, the first Olympic was held in early Greek history, until 1928 when it became international. Also, in the first Olympics, only men were allow to participate and most of the sports were fighting, track, and weightlifing.

Who has the record for the most Olympic games?

Canadian Equestrian athlete Ian Millar has participated in 10 Olympic games as of 2012. Millar and would have participated in 11 games since he was on the Canadian Olympic team for Moscow in 1980, but Canada boycotted the Olympics that year. Millar also plans to participate in Brazil in 2016.

Where were the most recent Olympic Games held?

the most recent olympic games were held in Beijing china.

Which country has hosted the most olympic games?

The United States is the country to host the most Olympic Games. The United States has hosted eight Olympic Games.The United States has hosted the most Olympic Games. Currently they have hosted 4 Winter Olympic Games, and 4 Summer Olympic Games.The united states has held the most Olympics but in 2012 London will be the city that has held the most games.

Where was the most recent Olympic Games held?

The most recent Olympic games were in China (Beijing) and in 2012 its in England (London)

Why is the person who lits the Olympic torch to start the winter olympic games?

'Why' - because it has been the custom in most Olympic Games. Or did you mean 'who'?

Has Russia ever sent competitors to the olympic games?

Russia has sent competitors to most of the Olympic games

How many summer olympic games have there been?

There were 31 sports in the most recent summer Olympic games.

What country has had the most olympic games?


What is the most important event of the Olympic Games?

The lighting of the Olympic Torch Flame.

Which country has hosted the most Olympic editions of the Olympic Winter Games?


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