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No Hawaii does not have a professional football team. The only football team they have is a NCAA football team, which is the University of Hawaii

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Q: Does Hawaii have a football team?
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What football teams are in Hawaii?

The best known football team from Hawaii is the Hawaii Warriors football team. This football team represents the University of Hawaii and is coached by Norm Chow.

What is Hawaii's football team?

Hawaii dosn't have an actual team. Hawaii is where the NFL has the pro-bowl

Who is Hawaii's state football team?

University of Hawaii Warriors

Does Honolulu have a football team?

Honolulu does have a football team but it doesn't represent the state or city. The University of Hawaii "Rainbow Warriors" is the main football team of Honolulu, and the entire state of Hawaii.

Is Hawaii's football team called the Rainbow Warriors?


What are the major sports team in Hawaii?

There is no pro team. They do have the University of Hawaii who was decent in College football in 2007. Not sure if there is a hula contest?

What does Hawaii's football team look like?

Big guys. With helmets.

Is Hawaii a Div 1 football team?

Yes, a 1-A team that plays in the Western Athletic Conference.

What college football team was first to put names on their jerseys?

it was university of Hawaii

What side is home at Aloha Stadium?

University of Hawaii's Warriors ''football team''

What are some sport teams in hawaii?

the college football team the rainbow warriors

Does the state of Hawaii have major sport teams?

U of H has a good football team

Who are Hawaii's major pro sport teams?

Of the four major north American sports, basketball football hockey and baseball, Hawaii does not have a team to represent them.

What year did University of Hawaii football team began?

1909. Hawaii was 2-2 in their first season under head coach Austin Jones.

When was Hawaii Warriors football created?

Hawaii Warriors football was created in 1909.

Does Hawaii have a team?

Yes. Their collegiate team is the Hawaii Warriors.

When was Team Hawaii created?

Team Hawaii was created in 1977.

What is the helmet sticker for the University of Hawaii football team?

It is a warrior helmet and two spears that are crossing each other.

When was Hawaii Professional Football League created?

Hawaii Professional Football League was created in 2010.

Does the state of Hawaii have a NBA team?

No, there is no NBA team located in Hawaii.

What states don't have a football team?

If you are asking about college football, I believe all fifty states have at least one college with a football team, and some have many more than one. If you are asking about professional football, there are a number of states that do not have a team at this time: among them are Maine, Mississippi, Alaska, Hawaii, Vermont, and North Dakota.

What team is coming to the aloha stadium in Hawaii for thasherriton game on decamber 242008?

The team from Notre dome is coming to the aloha stadium. They are ging to fight the warriors, the colledge football team.

What are some sports teams in Hawaii?

The University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors have a football and a basketball program. Homolulu used to have a triple A team called the Islanders but they relocated a few years ago.

When was the last time Notre dame football team won a game with the green jersey on?

Notre Dame won in 2008 Hawaii bowl against Hawaii wearing the green jerseys

What are facts about Hawaii's best baseball team?

Hawaii does not have a professional-level baseball team.