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Very much.. When to classy acts are put together on one field only magic is seen.

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Q: Does Fernando Torres like steven Gerrard?
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Who do you like Steven Gerrard or Fernado Torres?

steven gerrad cause my god he is

Does Fernando Torres like fans?

Yes Fernando Torres likes his fans.

Why are Liverpool getting worse and worse as seasons go on?

Liverpool are not getting worse each year they are having their top players like Steven Gerrard, Fernando Torres and others injured at regular intervals and Gerrard has repeatedly got groin injury . And to make matters worse is the money matter at the club , so they sold Xavi Alonso to Real Madrid.

What does Torres like?

Fernando Torres likes football

Who is the best footballer for Liverpool?

A question like that is a matter of opinion, and the answer may change numerous times during a season. Commonly there are 3 players that are considered to be "the backbone" for Liverpool: Defense: Jamie Carragher Midfield: Steven Gerrard Attacker: Fernando Torres If one were to attempt to name a best footballer on the current Liverpool team, a good bid would be Steven Gerrard.

What was Steven Gerrard's childhood like?

== ==

What kind of music does Fernando Torres listen to?

Fernando Torres listen the songs like Spanish because he was born there.

Why good social skills are important?

There So Imortant For Footballers And Torres is Just The Best Like Even Though Shearer Was A Legend But Torres And Gerrard Are well Better Liverpool Players Are Quite God Like But Torres And Gerrard Are Well Better

What does Steven Gerrard like?

he likes car's

What does steven Gerrard like to do?

Play soccer

How much is steven Gerrard worth?

Steven Gerrard is worth 20 million pounds considering his age. Although before in his twenties he was worth somethin like 35m

What is Steven Gerrard's official fan phone number?

footballers like Gerrard don't give away their numbers

What other sports does steven Gerrard like playing?


When Steven Gerrard was young what football team did he like?


Where does Fernando Torres like to go?

playing for chlesea

What has Steven Gerrard achieved?

Gerrard has achieved a lot of things like fifa world player of the year and ballon d'or

What does steven Gerrard dislike?

he like nothin lol

The words of the Fernando Torres song?

his armband proved he was a red Torres Torres you'll never walk alone it said Torres Torres we bought the lad from sunny Spain he gets the ball and he scores again Fernando Torres liverpools number nine el capitan de athletico Torres Torres the youngest ever muchacho Torres Torres at 17 he made the team he made them cry he made them dream Fernando Torres liverpools number 9 spanish international Torres Torres he won the European final Torres Torres he scored the goal that won the cup he made the other team give up Fernando Torres liverpools number nine he plays up front with Steve Gerrard Torres Torres misfortune only makes him hard Torres Torres he runs like he is ******* mad he makes a decent team look bad Fernando Torres liverpools number 9 still he's pretty down to earth Torres Torres he's every single penny worth Torres Torres unlike a certain Portuguese he doesnt doesnt dive if u just sneeze Fernando Torres liverpools number nine he's ever single womans dream Torres Torres but is he horny is he keen Torres Torres im sorry girls hes got a wag and only ollala he'll shag Fernando Torres liverpools number nine

How old is Liverpool player steven Gerrard?

Infact steven Gerrard is 28 years of age. His birthday is on 30th May and he was born in 1980. I like to think i am aquanited with Steven as i have been lucky enough to meet him on several occasions! Im a very lucky girl.

Are sergio ramos and Fernando Torres related?

No they are not. However they look a lot a like.

Steven Gerrard better then ronaldino?

ronaldinho is miles apart from Gerrard. Gerrard is a good player but he can't carry a team on his own like what ronaldinho did. jus look at the videos of both in youtube to see for yourself.

Does Fernando Torres like Liverpool or Chelsea?

He likes chelsea,because he knows he will do better at chelsea

Is Villa better than Torres?

david villa and Fernando Torres they both are good i like both them but villa is good in attacks on opponent team so i think villa is better than Torres.

What is Fernando career?

Fernando Torres is a brilliant footballer but a bit fragile and has had far to many operations for his age. this makes his career short by years, as he may not be the footballer like he was in Madrid.

Does Fernando Torres have any siblings?

yes he has 2 and he is a very allrounder like the village bicycle everyone has a go