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no, they are made by 2 different companies

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โˆ™ 2011-05-29 17:28:41
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Q: Does Dye I3 mask parts work with Tippmann masks?
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Do tippmann 98 barrels work on tippmann 68?

The 68 does not have a removable barrel.

Can tippmann 98 barrels work on tippmann 98 customs?

Yes, the tippmann 98 and the tippmann custom are the same marker, therefore the threading of the barrel will be the same.

When should mask be worn at work list 3 specific procedures relating to proper use of mask?

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Do A-5 paint ball gun parts work with X7 paint ball gun parts?

All of the internals are interchangeable between the x7 and A5. Also several parts also work form the Tippmann 98.

What egrip will work on a Carver one?

The tippmann 98 egrip.

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Is Tippmann a very good paintball gun?

Tippmann is a brand, not a gun. In general Tippmann's are viewed as the most reliable and durable guns on the market. This is because they use very simple, hard to break, low maintenance parts, which is why they are used by most places as rental guns (usually the Tippmann 98). However this durability comes with many prices. They generally shoot slower, less accurately, and less consistently then guns of a comparable price (without upgrades). In short, almost every Tippmann product will work for longer then a comparative product, but not as well. Tippmann also has some of the best Military simulation kits available for its markers.

What is better a tippmann 98 custom or a spyder victor?

The tippmann 98 is more customizable, the spyder is smaller and easier to work on. so it depends on what you consider "better".

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