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Yes he does. he is currently playing for Milan

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โˆ™ 2010-03-02 09:14:45
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Q: Does David Beckham play soccer
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What sport did David Beckham play?


What sport does David Beckham play?


What football club does David Beckham currrently play for?

David Beckham plays soccer, not football.

What inspired david beckham to play soccer?

He was good at it

When did David Beckham start to play soccer?

age 5

Does David Beckham play soccer for England or US?


Does david beckham still play soccer on PSG?

No, he has retired

When did David Beckham Soccer happen?

David Beckham Soccer happened in 2001.

How did David Beckham get interested in soccer?

it is in his country , like if you are in Mexico you play the sport soccer.

Why did David Beckham choose to play soccer?

he played football first then played soccer :)

Who taught Harry Beckham how to play soccer?

He learned how to play soccer from his dad Ted and then his brother David.

What U.S soccer team did David Beckham play for?

L.A Galaxy

What US soccer team does David Beckham play for?

LA Galaxy

What does David Beckham like to do?

Play soccer, listen to music ,and work out

How long did David Beckham play professional soccer?

17 years.

What happened after David Beckham got married?

He continued to play soccer!

Does anyone else in David Beckham's family play soccer?

His sons does.

When was David Beckham Soccer created?

David Beckham Soccer was created on 2001-11-23.

When was David Beckham's Soccer USA created?

David Beckham's Soccer USA was created in 2007.

Is David beckham disabled?

No David Beckham is a famous soccer player

What is the duration of David Beckham's Soccer USA?

The duration of David Beckham's Soccer USA is -2700.0 seconds.

Did David Beckham play football before he played soccer?

Soccer and football r the same thing

Famous people that play soccer?

David Beckham is one of the most famous soccer player in the U.S

When did David Beckham's Soccer USA end?

David Beckham's Soccer USA ended on 2007-10-17.

What does David Beckham excel in?