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Yes he does. Christiano Ronaldo plays for Real Madrid. Real Madrid goes against Barcelona many times (like during an El Clasico)

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Q: Does Cristiano Ronaldo play vs Barcelona?
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When is Cristiano Ronaldo playing again?

cristiano ronaldo might come back to man utd because he wants to play with rooney again also he wants to a stay at madrid forever so we dont know but keep in touch and thats it from me

How many free kicks has Cristiano ronaldo scored this season in the premiere league this season?

5 freekicks vs Sporting Lisbon vs Newcastle vs Sunderland vs Portsmouth vs Bolton

Who won against real Madrid vs fc Barcelona on 21.4.2011 final?

Real Madrid defeated Barcelona by a single goal,scored by a Ronaldo header.

Ronaldo freekick technique?

Which Ronaldo? Cristiano Ronaldo? Ronaldinho? The other Brazilian ronaldo? I'll assume you mean Cristiano. He kicks it with the top of his foot. With the laces. His technique is unique because he pulls his kicks in a "swiping" motion making spectacular curls. Like the one against Portsmouth. Go on YouTube and look for "Cristiano Ronaldo freekick vs Portsmouth"

How many goals Cristiano ronaldo scored in world cup?

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 1 goal in the FIFA World Cups. He scored his first world cup goal in the Portugal vs North Korea match in the FIFA World Cup 2010.

How was Cristiano Ronaldo's performance today vs Bolton?

was .. bad , cheater , idiot too .. cost Bolton at least 1 point .

When will Chelsea play vs Barcelona?

April 18

Which day they will play real Madrid vs fc Barcelona?


Who scored the best goal ever?

Diego Maradona Mexico 86 world cup vs England

Who will win real Madrid vs Barcelona?

Real Madrid is the better side because they have a better forward. Barcelona has messi and david villa and Pedro as forward. Pedro is not a good footballer and so messi and villa has to work very hard while on Madrid the forward is ronaldo which is good, higuain, which is good, ozil, which is good.

Who won the Man of the Match award in the Portugal vs. Ghana group stage match in the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) was designated the Man of the Match.

What players are the won who scored on the match real Madrid vs Barcelona?

Ronaldo scored 2 goals, Varane scored 1 goal. These were for Real Madrid. Jordi Alba scored the only goal that FC Barcelona made