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yes he has a sister and brother

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Q: Does Corey Crawford of the Chicago Blackhawks have any siblings?
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What is Corey Crawford's number on the Chicago Blackhawks?

Corey Crawford is number 50 on the Chicago Blackhawks.

What religion are Patrick sharp and Corey crawford of the Chicago Blackhawks?

Patrick Kane is Catholic.

Who is the second highest paid goalie in the NHL?

Corey Crawford of the Chicago Blackhawks is the 2nd Highest paid goalie in the NHL.

What is the blackhawks goalies name?

Corey Crawford and Ray Emery

What NHL team does Cory Conacher play for?

Corey Crawford plays for the Chicago Blackhawks.

How tall is Jordan Crawford?

Jordan Crawford plays shooting guard for the Golden State Warriors.

Farm team players from Chicago Blackhawks?

Bryan Bickell, Nick Boynton, Corey Crawford, Jassen Cullimore, Nathan Davis & Jack Skille are the Hawks' most active members with the Rockford IceHogs.

Is Corey crawford the new starter for the blackhawks. or is turco hurt?

Marty is definitely not hurt, I'm not sure if it has been announced but I've heard they announced on Twitter Corey is No.1

Chicago blackhawk's goalie last season?

Currently last season,(2010),the goalies were Antti Niemi and Cristobal Huet.For the playoffs and Stanley Cup finals Antti Niemi was the goalie.Later on,both goalies weren't a part of the Chicago Blackhawks,Corey Crawford and Marty Turco replaced them.

How tall is Corey Crawford?

NHL player Corey Crawford is 6'-02''.

Where was Corey Crawford born?

Corey Crawford was born in Montreal, Quebec on 12-31-84.

Does Corey Crawford shoot right or left?

NHL player Corey Crawford shoots left.