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Q: Does Cher Lloyd have six pack abs?
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What is the difference between six pack abs to eight pack abs?


Would you be a fit person with six pack abs or just a normal flat tummy?

Six pack abs.

Is there such a thing as 6 pack abs?

Yes, there is such a thing as a six pack abs (on the abdomen).

Does basshunter have six-pack abs?


How do you get a 6 pack abs in a day?

You cannot develop "six-pack" abs in one day.

What is six pack abs?

Six pack abs refer to the top most muscles of the abdomin. The six pack refers to six muscles, three on each side, starting just below the rib cage and spanning to the waist. A google search on six pack abs images will show you what they look like.

Who as the best six-pack abs in the world?

Ryan Gosling's ripped abs make his abs the best six pack abs in the world!

Can you get a six pack in three minutes?

No, you cannot get six pack abs in three minutes.

How can you get a six pack abs diet today?

It is nearly impossible to get a six pack abs from diet alone. Abdominal exercises such as crunches and sit ups help greatly with developing a six pack.

How do you get a six pack abs in 2 minutes?

You don't. It takes way longer than that to get six pack abs. Good luck man.

Does it take more hard work in the gym working out to get six pack abs than getting just a flat tummy without the six pack abs?

getting abs

What are the benefits of six-pack abs?