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No. The stadium with the biggest capacity in Scotland is Murrayfield Stadium with a capacity of 67,130. Celtic Park's capacity is 60,832.

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Q: Does Celtic have the biggest stadium in Scotland?
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What is the biggest soccer stadium in Scotland?

the biggest soccer stadium is Celtic park in Glasgow also known as park head

Where is the Celtic Park football stadium located?

The Celtic Park football stadium is located in the city of Glasgow. More specifically it is on Kerrydale Street, Parkhead, Glasgow, Scotland. They are one of the biggest football teams in the UK.

What is the 2nd biggest stadium in Britain?

Celtic park

What are the two biggest soccer teams in Scotland?

Celtic and rangers

What is the largest stadium in scotland?

1) Celtic Park 2) Hampden Park 3) Ibrox Stadium

Who has more fans Celtic or Rangers?

Rangers have a smaller stadium than Celtic, but there are estimated about 103,500 rangers fans in Scotland, but only 94-98 000 Celtic fans in Scotland

What is the stadium capacity of Celtic park?

The stadium capacity of Celtic Park, Kerrydale Street, Glasgow, Scotland is 60,000 therefore big enough to host a UEFA Champions League Final!

What is the biggest stadium in Scotland?

Murrayfield in Edinburhh I think. Around 65.000.

What is the Scottish national stadium called?

Hampden Park is Scotland's national stadium. It is located in Glasgow, Scotland and is one of the biggest and busiest stadiums in the world.

Is Scotland a Celtic country?

Scotland is regarded as a Celtic naton.

Biggest football team in Scotland?

well the most well known teams in Scotland are arguably Celtic and Rangers. They are most successful anyways

Where is Celtic football club based?

Celtic Football Club are a Scottish football team based in Glasgow, Scotland. Founded in 1887 it is one of the biggest clubs in Scotland, alongside its great rival Rangers.

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