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Q: Does Brett Favre receive any money if he retires?
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How much money does Brett Favre have?

More than you

How much money does Brett Favre make in 2007?

Favre's base salary in 2007 is reported to be $11 million.

Which NFL player makes the most money?

the nfl player that makes the most money is Brett favre

How much money will Brett Favre make in 2008?

Brett will make around 10.5 million because he is with the Jets instead of the Packers

How much money is a 1992 Brett Favre card worth?

Less than 1 dollar.

What is the value of a Super Bowl XXXII football autographed by Brett Favre?

A football signed by Brett Favre can fetch quite a bit of money depending on its condition. The football in question is valued at approximately 400 USD.

How much money is a 1994 Brett Favre upper deck rookie card worth?

Favre's Rookie Year was 1991, He was an Atlanta Falcon.

How much money does Brett Favre make in 2010?

Brett is making around $11.6 million this year, but could make more depending upon his performance.

Why doesn't Brett Favre retire?

The reason is : HE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! he probaly likes to play and make money and i dont blame him

When your wife retires and applies for social security what will happen if you receive disability?

It doesn't affect your disabiity payment. The Social Security money is hers.

How much money does the US President earn when he retires?


Does Brett Favre have a nickname?

Well, according to professional basketball player Jordan "Atta Baby" Fox, His nick name is "Cash Money", but I can't really say if this is considered official or not.

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