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Yes he does.

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โˆ™ 2008-11-26 14:16:37
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Q: Does Bret hart read fan mail personally?
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she sometimes does if she got time

Who would win in a match masked Kane or Bret hart?

You have to be his prime Kane could pwn chuck Norris! Dude the big read machine for sure!

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Was the Montreal screw job really a screw job or was it a work?

For more than a decade, the Montreal Screwjob has been a legendary night within professional wrestling. However, it has been recently speculated that it was in fact planned out as with many other story lines in professional wrestling with very few (as few as Hart and Vince alone) knowing the truth. Personally, I think it was in fact a "work" because Vince loves controversy and Bret loves being the victim (if you don't believe that, read Hart's book). Bret's timing of his documentary "Wrestling with Shadows" coinciding with the event seems suspicious as well.

How do you send fan mail to celebs?

Some of them have a specific address for fan mail, but you can usually send it care of their record label or studio or agency and it will get forwarded to them/the proper place (most celebrities do not read all or most of their fan mail personally).

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Are the hart family related to rowdy piper?

Rowdy Piper is not related to the Hart family. Read his book he states in there! He trained at Stu's dungeon that is it.

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