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Yes it was played verses Inter Milan.

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Q: Does Barcelona has qualified for the champions league semi finals?
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How many champions league finals have Barcelona played?

Barcelona have played in 7 Champions league/European Cup finals. THey reached the finals in 1961,1986,1992,1994,2006,2009 and 2011.

Why does Barcelona keep getting beat at the semi finals of the champions league?

Barcelona have been recently getting beat in the semi finals of the champions league because over the years teams have mastered there technique.

Who was the man of the match between Barcelona and Manchester in the champions league finals 2009?

It was Lionel Messi of Barcelona.

What teams did Barcelona beat in champions league finals?

Barcelona beat Sampodaria, Arsenal, Manchester United.

When does Barcelona play in the champions league quarterfinals?

Barcelona will play Arsenal in the quarter finals to be held on 31st of march.

Have Manchester United beaten Barcelona?

Yes in 2008 champions league semi finals and more

What scottish teams qualified for the champions league finals 2012?

Only one team qualified. The scottish qualifying was Celtic.

Who do you think will win this years 2011 UEFA champions league finals?

It will be Barcelona as they have a very strong team.

How many times has Barcelona qualified for uefa champions league?

As it is every year it is 61 times.

What is arsenals highest score line in champions league?

They reached finals in season 2005/2006 which they lost from Barcelona.

How many times have man united lost champions league finals?

Manchester United have lost the UEFA Champions League final twice. They lost to FC Barcelona in 2009 and 2011.

What three teams did the Manchester united beat in the champions league finals?

Manchester United beat Barcelona and Bayern Munich.