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BMX makes many performance bikes. They come in many styles and specs to fit any rider. Check out and search BMX, you will find what your looking for.

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Q: Does BMX make any performance bikes?
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Are framed brand BMX bikes good?

are framed bmx bikes any good

Does BMX make 24'' bikes with petel brakes?

BMX isn't a manufacturer, it's type of bicycle - just like sneaker is a type of shoe. BMX doesn't make any bicycles. Bicycle manufacturers make BMX bikes. And pedal brakes aren't that good on a performance bike, as you have to wait until your pedals are in the right position before you can brake. But it's possible that you can find a BMX-looking kids/juvenile bike with a pedal brake. Don't expect it to do particularly well if it gets ridden hard though.

Why do bmx bikes have small sprokets?

Because they have small wheels. To get any speed out of a BMX they have to have small sprockets. It's all about ratios.

Do bmx bikes have back breaks?

Race bikes usually have, while some trick/vert bikes might not have any brakes at all. Some have both front and rear brakes.

Are sapient bmx bikes any good?

no they suck; only had 1 for a week and the rear rims broke

Where can one purchase Haro BMX bikes?

One may purchase Haro BMX bikes from Sport Chalet. They offer a wide variety of colors and styles to fit any taste and budget. Accessories are also sold at Sport Chalet.

How much should a flatland BMX bike weigh?

you can flatland in almost any bikes. it's not about the weight of the bike.

Are bmx bikes at Toys R Us any good?

i would not bye a bike a any walmart or toys r us any where they suck

Where can you buy X Games bikes?

in your local bike shop just simply buy any kind of bmx brand!

Are there any bmx stores in downtown Montreal?

Try Bicycle Eddy on Monk street in ville-émard all kinds on interesting bikes = )

Are there any bikes made in the US?

Many of the bikes widely considered to be the best are produced in the USA. Examples include GT, Specialized, Klein, Gary Fisher, Brooklyn Machine Works and various road/BMX bikes. Most of these companies also produce cheaper bikes in Taiwan.

Are trax bmx bikes any good from halfords?

trax bikes are the cheapest you can get. I would avoid them like the plague. Never buy a bike from a garage or supermarket - go to a bike shop or get a second hand one.

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