Does Antarctica have sports

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Antarctica is home to no country, so there is no national sport. Antarctica is too cold to support animal life, so establishing a country there is not possible.

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Q: Does Antarctica have sports
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What sport do they play in Antarctica?

In Antarctica they play many sports such as Kayaking, Skiing, Snowboarding and even swimming.

What are sports played in Antarctica?

As there are only research stations on the continent of Antarctica, all sports are played by researchers. These come from many different countries and they have brought their sports with them. soccer is probably played as well as indoor bandy, maybe racquetball. Outdoor sports are limited by the severe weather and space limits indoor sports.

What kind of sports are played in antarctica?

Antarctica is not a very good sporting environment, but if they got some spare time and the wind was down, they might kick a ball around.

What is the population of Vostok Antarctica?

Vostok research station in Antarctica, supported by the Russian government, sports a summer population of about 25 and a winter population of about 13, according to Wikipedia.

What kind of sport can you play at Antarctica?

You can play many sports such as Kayaking, Skiing, Snowboarding and even swimming.

What are reasons Antarctica cannot host the Olympic Games?

There is no infrastructure in Antarctica. No commercial accommodations, transportation, sports venues, hospitals and so forth.It is a continent preserved by The Antarctic Treaty, for science.

Do they play sports in Antarctica?

Of course they do. They have beach volleyball, who can sit on the couch the longest, how fat are you, why are you here contest, who can coo the most, who can break the ice, who can stay outside the longest with no clothes, and how come you are here making me waste my time answering this stupid question: "Do they have sports in Antarctica" wasting your time, oh wait you don't have a life. Why don't you move to Antarctica to find out?

What continent lies south of the Atlantic ocean?

Antarctica Antarctica Antarctica Antarctica Antarctica Antarctica Antarctica Antarctica

How do you contact the Antarctica embassy?

Antarctica has no embassies, because Antarctica is not a country. Antarctica is a continent.

What is the largest county in Antarctica?

Antarctica is a continent with no permanent population. There are no countries in Antarctica. Antarctica is the country.

What is antarctica's real name?

Antarctica's real name is Antarctica.

How do you spell Antarctica?

The correct spelling is 'Antarctica'.Antarctica (capitalize)

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