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Afghanisthan does not have a cricket team. Pakistan accounts for fifth in the ICC rankings.

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Q: Does Afghanistan or Pakistan have one of the top cricket teams in the world?
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Who has one of the top cricket teams in the world Afghanistan or Pakistan?


Who were the two teams in the final of the cricket world cup in 1999?

Australia and Pakistan

Is Pakistan one of the best cricket team?

Pakistan are one of the most exciting teams in the world, on their day they can rip anyone to shreds!

Are Pakistanis good at cricket?

Absolutley yes because Pakistan has a variety of the best cricket players in the world. And Pakistani cricket teams are called as the t20 champions.

When was the Pakistan cricket team founded?

The Pakistan cricket team was formed in 1952. They have become one of the most successful teams since their debut, including winning the 1992 Cricket World Cup against England.

Is Afghanistan playing cricket in icc world cup?

No,afghanistan never played in cricket world cup

Which teams reach the Semifinals in 1999 cricket world cup?

Australia,New Zealand,Pakistan,South Africa

How many teams have won cricket world cup?

india ,australia,west indies,sri lanka ,pakistan have won world cup

How many Asian teams to compete in 1999 cricket world cup?

The countries are India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Shri Lanka.

Can Afghanistan Qualify for 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup?

For sure Afghanistan can qualify for 2015 ICC Cricket world cup, Afghanistan is a favourite in cirkcet and they can outplay very good nations in cricket.

What are the names of the teams playing in the cricket world cup 2015?

Group A- Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, England Group B- India, Pakistan, South Africa, UAE, West Indies, Ireland, Zimbabwe

Who was the captain of the Pakistan Cricket team in the 1979 Cricket World Cup?

Asif Iqbal was the captain of the Pakistan Cricket team in the 1979 Cricket World Cup.