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No, you can wear knee pads that go on your knees to help with digging.

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Q: Do you wear shin pads in volleyball?
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What do volleyball players wear?

Most volleyball players wear very short spandex shorts. They usually also wear a tank top, or a t-shirt as well as knee high socks and shin pads.

How do you properly wear shin pads?

on your shins then take of them because all shin pads wont fit you

Why do you have to wear shin pads when playing football?

You don't and they don't. They generally wear knee and thigh pads but most skill postion players choose not to wear those either. I played for years and have NEVER seen shin pads!

Do you have to wear shin pads in soccer?


Do goalkeepers wear shinpads?

Yes, goalkeepers wear shin pads.

What sport do you wear knee pads?


Does basketball players wear shin guards?

No, in basketball players do not wear shin guards. Some leaugues do require knee pads though.

What is the name of the equipment that soccer players wear on their legs?

They are commonly referred to as "Shin Pads" or "Shin Guards".

Can Lacrosse goalies wear leg pads?

Box lacrosse goalies do wear leg pads made of hard plastic material like a big shin guards, in field lacrosse goalies can only wear soccer style shin guards

Why do footballers wear shin pads?

so they dont hurt their shins

What Do Footballers Wear?

A jersey, shorts, socks, shin pads and boots

Do you need shin pads for futsal?

Yes you should wear shin pads while playing football, or it could be dangerous for you.

Whats protection in football?

Footballers are required to wear shin pads/guards.

Why do footballers wear shin pads under their socks?

Mainly as team colours need to be worn, so players can be distinguished. Some shin guards are held in place with the socks. And shin pads have heavy branding which would need to be covered anyway.

What are shin pads?

Protective padding for the front of the lower leg ( the shin bone) What about shin pads? If you're asking what shin pads are, these are small rectangular foam pads that are place on the shin (front of the legs) to protect the player from damaging their, of course, shin bones (from tackling or any other kicks).

What safety gear do soccer players wear?

moth gard,cothes,shin pads

Do you wear your socks over knee pads while playing volleyball?

No you wear the kneepads on top of the socks

Do you need to wear shin pads in Rugby Union?

No you don't have to. However, many Hookers ( number 2 ) have worn these due to the amount of opposing hookers hitting then on the front of the shin whilst striking for a ball In general shin pads are NOT worn

What knee pads do US women's Olympic volleyball team wear?


What do you wear for hockey?

It depends on what kind of hockey. If you are playing ice hockey you should wear: Ice skates (for ice hockey, not figure skates)shin pads & knee pads (most wear socks over shin and knee pads)padded shortschest and shoulder pads (they look like the pads that foot ball players wear. Make sure to get hockey pads)elbow padsneck guard (optional, but if you want to stay safe and warm you should wear one).helmet (you should wear a cage helmet)Jersey (to complete the uniform)

Why do you need shin pads?

Well,, lets just say that if you want to keep your shins in a good shape and not sore and red... Wear the shin pads. Some random guy can kick your shin or the ball could be kicked at a great force and you could be deaply hurt. So please use you shin pads. Hope this helps,, xx

Is shinguards in soccer the same in rugby?

No player would wear shin pads in rugby, there is no need for them.

Do you wear pads while playing volleyball?

Yes, most player wear knee pads. Players can also wear braces such as ankle braces, knee braces, elbow braces. None of these, including knee pads are required. It is up to the player if he/she wants to wear these.

What are the pads for leg protections used in soccer called?

Shin pads or shin gaurds.

What protection do footballers wear?

The only thing they wear are shin pads, these help lessen the impact from tackles on the shins, but only from the front.