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Yes you do.

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Q: Do you wear safety gear at Olympic archery?
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What did the athletes wear in the Olympic games?

They wore the olympic gear such as : Trainers, Shorts and t-shirt.

Why do children under 14 have to wear safety gear?

To protect them from injuries.

What protective gear do you wear when sanding and cutting wood?

you can wear safety glasses when sanding and cutting wood.

What do gunsmiths wear?

casual clothes are fine, safety gear included (gloves, safety glasses, etc.) and no loose clothing.

What safety gear do soccer players wear?

moth gard,cothes,shin pads

Why do we wear safety gear when in the kitchen?

Hot oil spatters can cause permanent injury to your eyes.

What safety precautions should rebecca use when she conducts her experiment?

She should wear protective gear, and she should have adult supervision.

How can you avoid getting hurt on a dirt bike?

Wear all of your safety gear and a good helmet, and do go too fast.

What is the safety involved in archery?

A person who is doing archery should wear a guard for their forearm. This will prevent the bowstring from raising a welt if it should accidentally hit you. Nobody is allowed to walk up and retrieve their arrows while someone is still shooting at a target.

What gear you wear to protect yourself from danger?

Gear that is appropriate for the possibly danger that you may encounter. If you are paining, wear a mask to prevent paint spray from being inhaled, if you are bicycling wear safety helmet, if you are boating wear a life preserver.Just use common sense and you won't get hurt. Even Evel Knievel wore protective clothing in his jumps and stunts.

How do you kill spreading roots that are threatening the house structure?

Use "Roundup". Its a weed killer. They claim it kills the root. Wear safety gear.

How can you care for your bones and muscles?

Drink lots of beverages that have Vitamin D in it and make sure you wear safety gear while doing activities.

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