Do you wear a jock in baseball?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Yes you should. A hard cup should be worn during Baseball to prevent injury.

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Q: Do you wear a jock in baseball?
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What do rounder officials wear?

jock straps

Can you wear a jock strap every day?


How do you hide your bulge?

Wear a jock strap.

How do you show your son to put on a jock cup?

Put the cup in the jock strap and tell him to wear it like underwear...

Do you wear underwear over jockstrap?

Not usually. Usually when you have a jock on, you don't wear anything else with it, just your athletic gear on top of it. However, if you are wearing compression shorts, sliding shorts, hockey shorts, etc., you should wear those over the jock. Some people (inexplicably) wear a jock under a swimsuit, too. If you're wearing the jock for running or track, you just wear your normal shorts over the jock, no underwear. You can wear a lot of modern underwear (briefs, gripper jams, etc.) INSTEAD of a jock, particularly if the underwear fits closely and is supportive.

What is a street legal jock strap?

the one you can wear in public

What would a football player use instead of a jock?

a lot of modern football players wear compression shorts instead of a jock. Compression shorts do not hold the penis and testicles as firmly as a jock does.

How do you stop wrestling bulges?

wear a jock with a hard cup, or wear tight speedo under the singlet.

Is it okay to wear a jock?

Yes, in fact, it is a good idea to wear one when you work out or play sports.

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