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It would be play, as the sentence would read for example, 'Do you play different sports?',
'Pintsinker has played many different sports in his lifetime', or even 'Pintsinker is hopeless at playing different sports'.

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Q: Do you use do or play or go with different sports?
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If you go to an art school can you play intramural sports at a different four-year university?

No, if you go to an art school, you certainly cannot play intramural sports at a different four year university. In order to play a college level sport, you must be registered and a student at that specific school.

Can disabled people play sports?

They can play sports like if they don't have any legs and they go on a wail cheer they can play football.But they have to go to a special program so they can play the sport they want to play.

Where do Australian children go to play?

Australian children play indoors or outdoors. They use their backyard, or they go to parks. They might play a game in the street of their neighbourhood, or go to a sports centre or nearby sporting oval. They may play indoors at their house, or at an indoor sports centre. If they are lucky enough to live near a waterway, they may play alongside a creek, river or the beach. Many even go to the local golf links, as golf links are great places to explore.

What sports are played at the university of Hawaii?

You can just go to their website to see what sports they play.

What is a joint and dual use facility?

I know that a Dual-use facility is a place where people can go to play more than one or two sports. Mostly in Schools.

Where can you get sports aquipment from?

I would go to big 5. that's where i get my sports equipment and I play soccer.

Can you go to school for a career and play sports?


Can you go to college online and play sports for that school?


What does Quebec do for fun?

they play and have fun and also go to amusement parks and play sports

How can you get an personal interview with a sports player in Melbourne?

Be brave. When sports stars go to Melbourne, watch them play and if you get a chance, go up to them and ask.

How do you stop sport sexism?

By taking more of an interest in women's sports or go and play sports yourself.

What percentage of students who play sports go to college?


What do little girls do for fun?

Play with dollas and love to go shopping or play sports/games and go to kiddie arcades and swim

If you just got your eyebrow professionally pierced in how long would it be safe to go to the gym and play sports?

Maintain your cleaning and tape the barbell down and go play, just be sure to clean the piercing after sports.

What do French people do in the winter holidays?

they go sledding play winter sports and play in the snow

What do boys do for fun?

Although it varies for different age groups and for different areas, generally boys either hang out, play video games, or play sports. They also like to hang out with girl's that they like, or go the the mall, if they have a car, or know someone with a car.

Do they play sports in Mexico in high school?

No, Mexican students are expected to go to school to learn, not play sports. They must join a private team.

What sports did Johnny Depp play in college?

He didn't go to college.

What sports use aerodynamics?

Most sports which include the use of balls. Golf balls are designed to go far, as are footballs etc.

Fun stuff to do in Helena AL?

You can play sports you can go to there famous Jo Tucker Park or if your evil you will go to jail

What do people in Ireland do for fun?

People in Ireland do all the same stuff as other people around the world do. So they would meet with friends, go for walks, watch sports, go to the cinema, go to plays, play games and sports, play with their children, go on holidays, go for meals, meet with family and so on.

What sports can blind people play?

They can play football, Judo, etc. Go Google about it and you'll get tons of info.

Where can you go to get used sport equipment?

Play It Again Sports is an online business that sells used sports equipment. They can be accessed at

What kinds of sports did people play in the 1700?

go in a time machine and find out :)

Did women play sports in Victorian times?

Yes they did but they were not allowed to go into contests.