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i think both yes and no

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Q: Do you think current wages earned by professional athletes in the NFL are appropriate?
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Are the present wages earned by professional athletes in the NFL appropriate?

well actually if the players werent payed then you wouldn't have the nfl because most players will quit, but also the given to the players also takes the money away from the government

Should baseball players or other professional athletes who have taken steroids be banned from a Hall of Fame or have to return awards they have earned?


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The professional way is to say that you have earned your Juris Doctorate degree. It is not wrong to say that you earned your JD degree.

Do most Americans realize that the main reason why professional sports have become so well paid is because of the illegal gambling connection between sports organized crime and politicians?

Are you asking, or stating this assertion? Assertions are better used in declarative statements. Do most Americans realize that the main reason you asked this question was to assert that organized crime, gambling and politics is why professional athletes are so well paid? See how that sentence doesn't really work? I suspect, most Americans who pay the arm and a leg for season tickets believe it is there hard earned money that is paying these athletes. Perhaps, those advertisers who throw billions of dollars towards advertising in professional sports believe they have something to do with why professional athletes get paid so well. It is relatively certain that those people who own professional sports team believe they are the reason professional athletes get paid so well.

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R. S. Poore stated that one of the factors designating a person as a professional is an earned credential. Such an earned certification, licensure, or designation

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The AA is not a professional degree. The professional degree are such as lawyer, medical doctor, etc..

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Boxing Floyd Mayweather earned 25 million for a fight.

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Earned the money they needed to live on by fighting.

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varsity letters earned *APEX*

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Sure, why not. It is earned income.

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Les athletes that compete in the olympics means less medals earned for the country or continent.