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The True Meaning of SportsCompetition is the meaning of sports. If there's no competition, really, what's the point? Unless of course, you're one of those over-protective parents that feel keeping score only lessens an untalented, uncoordinated, nonathletic kid's self esteem. Not everyone is athletic.... I gave up 2-a-days for other, more cerebral extra-curricular activities that were more suited to my talents and abilities. Even in those activities, there was still competition.

If there shouldn't be competition in sports, then why keep grades either? Afterall, they're just a number/letter on a piece of paper, just like a score on a scoreboard.

No more NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, or even the Olympics. Everyone is equal. We're all the same, you're great, I'm great, they're great. We're all just great, nothing but winners, no such thing as 'losers'.

Yes, the above is flagrant sarcasm........ sans the first two sentences.

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Q: Do you think competitions take away the true meaning of sports?
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