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I play soccer. It is my favorite sport.

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โˆ™ 2008-03-21 20:52:27
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Q: Do you play soccer or dance?
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What do Brazilians do for fun?

Carnival, soccer, juggle balls,play tag, exercise,dance

What do Argentinians do for entertainment?

People in Argentina play soccer, kayaking, canoeing, go to the zoo, or dance.

Did mia hamm play soccer when she was little?

No, she was too young to play soccer so her mother urged her to take dance lessons. Even though she didn't play, she enjoyed watching her siblings play. She also went to their practices and shagged balls.

Can you still dance with the ball with a green soccer jersey on club penguin?

No. See, You dance to KICK the soccer ball. Not to DANCE. But can you??? I don't think so.

Why did Ochoa play soccer?

he wants to play soccer because he likes to play soccer.

How do you play pro soccer?

My guess is that you play pro soccer the same way as you play youth soccer or travel soccer.

How are the us and Mexico related?

They are are related because they also have parks and they play many sports such as soccer,and they dance we also do that.

Is soccer better than Dance in terms of aerobic conditioning?

It depends- If you are serious about soccer, and you play competively and practice every week, then yes. If you are not really serious about soccer, then Dance is better for you because not only is it much less dangerous, you can improve aerobic conditioning faster.

Do israelis play soccer?

Yes, Israelis play soccer. Children play soccer in the streets as well.

How do you register an agency in soccer?

play soccer and be scouted play soccer and be scouted

Did Michael Jackson play soccer?

No he did not play soccer.

Do Women Play Soccer?

Yes.Women do play Soccer.

Is dance harder than soccer?

Dance isn't all that hard and nobody cares about it. Soccer is the best sport ever and WAY harder and better than stupid dance.

Is there a difference in men soccer and women soccer?

men play men's soccer and women play women's soccer.

How did people back then play soccer?

how did they play soccer back then

What do people do for fun in Honduras?

they play soccer they play soccer

Who likes play soccer?

What do you mean by "Who likes play soccer?"

Do urkrains play soccer?

Yes. Ukrainians do play soccer

In Chile do they play soccer?

Yes, in Chile they do play soccer.

Do the Filipinos play soccer?

All nations play soccer.

How to play soccer?

to play soccer you play with Atherton high school they can use their hands

How old do you have to be to play soccer?

you can be any age to play soccer but it depends if you can be able to play it

How do you say play soccer in spanish?

I play Soccer: Juego Futbol He/She plays soccer: Juegue Futbol To Play soccer: Jugar Futbol

Where can you play soccer?

You can play soccer anywhere.

Who was the first to play soccer?

Francesco Totti was the first to play soccer.

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