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Almost always, this is true; you only get the Chess piece whose square you land on. An exception is called 'en passant', and even here you get to take a piece by landing on the square the piece just moved over. It is a special move involving Pawn takes Pawn that you would have to read about before using.

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Q: Do you only get the chess piece whose square you land on?
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How do you take pieces in chess?

You land exactly on a square occupied by an opponent's piece, and take it's place.

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Can a knight move Can a knight move around a chess board and only land on each square oncearound a chess board and only land on each square once.?

im not quite sure what you mean, but a knight can land on any particular square as many times as it wants (in its turn, of course) there are no limits to how many times a peice can land on a square, but some peices cant reach certain squares, i don't think. hope this helped :D

Can the king move up to a square occupied by a threatened opposing piece in chess?

If by moving up to a square, you mean an adjacent square, yes, as long as the square is not threatened by any opposing piece. This is the only way a King can attack another piece. A King cannot enter any square that is attacked by an opposing piece, i.e. place himself in check. He also cannot castle across an attacked square (king's bishop 1-f1, or queen 1-d1), but it does not matter if the rook or queen's knight squares are attacked, because he does not cross or land on those squares. He cannot castle out of check.

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A Bishop captures the same way any other pieces captures, by making a legal move to another square occupied by an opponent's piece. A bishop moves as many spaces as it can along a diagonal line of squares until it comes to either an opponent's or his own piece. It may not jump over another piece and may not land on the square of a color that is different than the one it was on when the game started.

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