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At any time.

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2013-06-28 15:41:24
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Q: Do you only get a point when serving or at any time during ping pong?
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What is the meaning of server in the ping pong?

The "Server" is the player who is serving or has served the ball at the start of the point.

Who serves in ping pong at game point?

The order of service is maintained at game point but if the game is tied at 10 each, players only serve once rather than serving twice.

If you mess up on serving in ping pong what happens?

You lose one other words one point goes to your opponent.

What are the rules of ping pong?

In ping pong, the first player to 11 points wins the game. Players take turns serving. A point is scored each time the ball is served. The edge of the table is in bounds but the sides are out of bounds.

Do you have to throw the ping pong in the air before serving?

yes 6 inches

If your ping pong paddle touches the table while you are playing a point and the table does not move do you lose the point?

No, the point is lost only if your free hand touches the table, not your racket.

How old was Ping Ping when he died?

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How much does He Ping ping weight?

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What rules is the answer for can you lose a game in ping pong if it's the last point?

The last point in table tennis (ping pong) is exactly the same as all other points. There are no special rules relating to the last point.

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