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You don't. A force means no tag is needed, only the baseman needs to catch the ball and have one foot on the base. The runner is forced; he or she has no safe base to return to and is therefore automatically out.

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Q: Do you need to tag the person in a force out?
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How do you unlock the sacred beasts in Yugioh gx tag force?

in tag force 1 you need to beat the game, not sure about tag force 2 or 3

How do you get obliesk the tormentor in tag force 2?

You have to do UMD recognition with tag force 1.

Who is the best person to team up with in yugi oh tag force 3?

Jaden Yuki

Does a horizontal rule tag need a close tag?

No the HR tag does not need a close tag.

Are synchro card on Yu-Gi-Oh tag force 2?

No. Synchro monsters and tuners did not exist when Tag Force 2 was created. Only In 5ds Tag Force 4

How do you get duel points on yu-gi-oh gx tag force 3?

You need to duel other people. You can earn a lot of money if you Tag Duel.

How can you get into the Lab in Yugioh GX Tag Force 1?

you need to have playing of at least 4 game days

On Yugioh gx tag force evolution how to invite jaden yuki as your partner on tag force?

get him to 7 hearts

Can a tag be considered a force out?

On a force out, you may either tag the base the runner is being forced to, or you may tag the runner before he gets to that base. If it is not a force out, you must tag the runner while he is off whatever base he has a legal right to occupy.

How do you unlock Bruno in Yu-Gi-Oh tag force 5?

He isn't in the game (introduced in Tag Force 6)

How do you get a tag partner in yugioh tag force 1?

Get somone to 7 hearts

How many cards are in Yu-Gi-Oh Tag Force?

Well it depends on which Tag Force you mean. Either way their can be a lot of cards in your trunk, but the cards in possession are the real thing you should be focusing on, cause you may know if you have them all. In Tag Force the 1st the maximum number of cards in possession are 2,400. I think that in the newest Tag Force 5DS 6 installment there are a total sum of 6,000 cards. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wait which Yu-Gi-Oh GX Tag Force? Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 1 Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 2 Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 3 one, two or three?

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