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Q: Do you need to pass any exams to play NBA?
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How old do you need to be to play in the NBA?

You need to be at least 20 years old to play in the NBA or have had at least one season in college.

What skills do you need to play in the NBA?

You have to be skillful

Do you need to be a tall person to play in the NBA?


Do we need to Play for high school if you want to play for nba?


Do you need a degree or certificate to play in the NBA?


When does NBA league pass start?

NBA League Pass started at the beginning of the season.

How do you watch NBA playoffs live online?

You can watch NBA playoffs live online by getting an NBA league pass from the NBA website. It costs $69.99 per season and you will need to create an account.

What do I need to do to go to the NBA?

If you are currently in college just play there and then NBA scouts will come and decide if you are the right material

How many games does an NBA player need to play in to qualify for the NBA scoring title?

Atleast 60 games.

What college degree you need to play NBA basketball?

You don't need a college degree to play in the NBA. Most players only go to college for a year or two before declaring for the draft.

How do you pass in Lakers vs Celtics and the NBA playoffs?

The Lakers and Celtics have always been rivals. If these 2 teams play it's gonna be a classics's. I wouldn't pass up the chance to see them play.

Who was the first person to play in the NBA?

Elon Genet was How can their have been a "first person to play in the NBA"? Wouldn't they need at least nine others starting at the exact same instant?

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