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Not throwing shoes but maby running shoes.

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Q: Do you need throwing shoes for Discus?
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What makes a discus shoe different than regular shoes?

The discus shoe is different from regular shoes because discus shoes are used in a sports event (throwing the discus obviously). However, regular shoes are used for walking, running, sprinting, etc.

What do you wear when you are discus throwing?

your school uniform or if its just for practice. spandex or basketball shorts and a loose shirt, and also throwing shoes if you have them.

What does discus game consist of in Sparta?

throwing a discus?

What skills are required in the discus throw?

You need the hold it properly, and let your index finger (with whatever hand your throwing the discus in) touch the discus last. You need to say to yourself, 'I am going to win!' aswell! :)

What sport was a discus thrower used in?

Believe it or not, it is called discus throwing.

Is there a 4 syllable sport?

Discus Throwing.

What shoes should you wear for discus throwing?

You can buy discus shoes from a variety of makers, and these are obviously the best type of shoe for the event. However, lacking these, look for a pair of shoes that are broken in and form fitting. Rounded edges on the soles are also very important, and they should be fairly comfortable to stand in on your toes.

What Olympic throwing prop rhymes with bus?


What is a flattish ring for throwing at a mark that is not a discus?


What muscles are active when throwing a discus?

All muscles

What is a flattish ring for throwing at a mark called?


Does discus involve throwing a heavy disc?


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