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Q: Do you need body weight to run 110 meter hurdles?
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How do you convert cubic meter of plastering into tons?

You will need to know the weight of the plastering. If you identify a weight per cubic meter, multiply it by the number of cubic meters that you have.

Will a 8.5 in 60 meter hurdles get you a 14.5 in the 110 meter hurdles?

Highly unlikely, unless the finish is amazing. 8.5 60m will likely net in the mid 15 range for 110m. To run 14.5 over 110m, you need to run around 7.8 60m It is very dependant on how you hurdle. I personally have run 8.15 as a PR in the 60mH in the same year that I ran 13.88 in the 110s.

What is the unit weight of steel in ton per meter square?

you need the thickness too

How do you calculate the quantity of sand in 1 cubic meter?

"1 cubic meter" is a perfectly good 'quantity'. If the 'quantity' you want is the weight instead, then you need to know a unit weight or density for sand, in order to convert a volume to a weight.

How do you convert weight in ton such as logs to cubic meter?

The conversion is not possible.Ton is a unit of mass and cubic meter is a unit of volume; you need the density.

What equipment do people use for hurdles?

all you need is some hurdles, which can be made of wood, plastic etc. and an open space to run.

what are good body weight workouts?

There are many body weight workouts specific for target areas. If you need to lose weight in a specific area there are exercises for it. Running is good for your entire body.

What two body measurements do you need to get Body Mass Index?

The size of his

Does an 8 stone 1.6 meter 11-year- old girl need to lose weight?

The average weight for an 11 year old girl is from 80-90 pounds. Yes she does need to loose some weight! Maybe a stone.

After 6 months of diet and body loss how do you maintain your current body weight?

The ideal BMI (body mass index=weight/height^2, note: weight as kilogramme, height as meter) is between 21 and 25, you need to make sure if you are overweight or not, then you need to lose your weight if your BMI>25. Overweight or obesity is not only to affect your appearance but also definitely a serious problem that may lead to heart diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and more, so you should not overlook your weight. Losing or maintaining an ideal weight is not a difficult task if you follow a healthy lifestyle including low GI eating, regular aerobic exercise and suitable supplements.

How much does a baby mouse need to eat?

0.5% of its body weight.

Why body fat is not depend on height and weight?

How much you need to eat (i.e. how many calories you need) is depended on height, weight, age and how much "stuff" you do in a day. However 'weight' (i.e. bodyfat) depends on how much you actually eat, relative to what you need to eat. So body fat is slightly dependent on height and weight, but not directly.