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The bearings are what allows the wheels to mount up firmly but yet spin freely on the axles/trucks.

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Q: Do you need bearing on a skateboard?
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What is a bearing on a skateboard?

the bearing is the thing inside the wheel that makes it spin and fit on the truck

What is that circle thing inside the skateboard wheel?

a bearing

How do you change your barrings on a skateboard?

try taking out the bearing with your truck

What bearings fit in abec 11 flywheels 76mm?

Any 608 skateboard bearing or 688 bearing with adaptor.

What size or type of trucks should you get for an 8mm bearing for a skateboard?


Do You Have To Be Skinny To Skateboard?

No you need to be skinny to skateboard!!!

Do you need education to skateboard?

no you do not really need to be educated to ride a skateboard. all you really need to know about the skateboard is how to ride it and do tricks and have good enough balance

What do you do if the balls fall out of your skateboard bearing?

I'd buy new bearings but that's just me

What parts of a skateboard do you need the most when doing an ollie?

you need all the parts of a skateboard to ollie

Do you need to were a helmet on a skateboard?

no you dont need a helmet on scooter or skateboard olny on bike QLD

Do you need school to skateboard?

no. Just skateboard a lot. Really?

What kind of skate bearings fit 52mm wheels?

All skateboard bearings will fit ANY sized skateboard wheel because the bearing hole is designed to be the same in all wheels.

How many bearing in a skateboard per wheels?

2 bearings bear wheel 8 bearings total

Can you skateboard in action all-stars?

Yes but you need the gear with the skateboard symbol underneath

Do you need Vans to do any tricks on a Skateboard?

Ummm....type of shoe does not really matter. What matters really is your skill with a skateboard. Asking "Do you need Vans to do any tricks on a skateboard" is like asking "Do you need a ladder to clean a toilet?" It is completely irrelevant and the answer to both is "No."

How much is a good skateboard?

60 for the deck alone, trucks are 30, wheels are about 25, bearing are 20, griptape is 5.

What is a good lubricant for skateboard bearings?

Bones Swiss bearing lubricant- Makes them roll faster and stay good longer.

Do you need bushings on a skateboard?


What happen if you get water in your skateboard bearing during the break in period?

two weeks til rust two weeks til rust

Are there skateboard Wheels that dont make loud noise?

ITS NOT THE WHEELS!its the bearings.if you keep the shell on the bearing then it shouldn't make that much noise.

How do you replace a bearing for a skateboard?

Unscrew the center nut in the wheel. Pull the wheel off the axle. Get something narrower than the axle and poke it through at an angle so that it catches on the inside face of the opposite bearing. Push the bearing out. This'll leave the wheel wide open and make poking the other bearing out real easy

How much do you need to way to skateboard?


How do you get a bearing out of a rollerblade wheel?

You take the wheel out by removing the bolts, and after that, with an Imbus wrench, you pull the bearings out. . you throw out your fruit boots and buy a skateboard...

How do you remove bearings from skateboard wheels?

Unbolt wheel, poke something through the axle hole(I prefer an Allen key, ) slightly at an angle so that it catches the inner bearing race. Then push and the bearing should pop right out.

Does a skateboard need grip tape?

grip tape is one of the most important parts to any functioning skateboard. it helps you stay on.