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No, its a mechanical gun

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Q: Do you need batteries for the Tippmann Triumph XT paintball gun?
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Why is your tippmann a5 not firing?

You need to be way more specific. Go to an Army Navy or a paintball shop.

Do you need a e-trigger to put a board on a paintball gun?

An E-trigger is the Tippmann Board, not an actual trigger.

Does the tippmann alpha tactical paintball marker from ganders mountain need co2?

Yes. unless you use HPA.

Do you need a cartridge for a paintball gun?

It actually will depend on the paintball gun you have. Typical markers do not need a cartridge, but a hopper (the thing on the top of the gun to feed in paintballs). Markers like the Tippmann TPX and the Kingmann Chaser and Eraser definitely need cartridge to hold the paintballs sense they are pistols.

What is an auto trigger on a paintball gun?

you might might mean an autococker this is a type of paintball gun that automatically recocks itself or possible your speaking of a response trigger google tippmann a-5 with response trigger theres all the info you are gonna need !

Where is the best place to buy the tippmann 98 custom in Calgary?

Your best bet would be to find a specific paintball shop or field. Canada is known for its field and shop called "The Badlands". They should have everything you need.

Do you need license for paintball gun?

You do not need a firearms lisence for a paintball gun.

What are some recommended paintball guns?

It truly depends on the use and how much you would like to spend. Tippmann are great guns because of their customizability and many fields use them as rentals so it is easy to find help with them should you need it. spyders are great because they are small and easy to work on while being about half the price as a similarly equipped tippmann

Do you need permit for paintball guns?

There are no permits for paintball guns.

Why do you need a 9.6 v in my paintball gun?

Because the electronic trigger runs on a battery, and without it, the sear will not depress and the gun will not fire. The only gun that can fire when its battery out is the Tippmann x7 phenom, and only in semi auto mechanical mode.

What is the cheapest and best paintball gun?

it depends, for woodsball i suggest a tippmann x7 or a5, theyll need some upgrades but theyre good for speedball i suggest an ion xe its pretty good and cheap to your also gonna need a high pressure air tank a hopper(for speedball an electric hopper) and some upgrades, talk to a paintball store near you for more info on what u should get

What type of screw driver do you need to for the tippmann 98?

A small one that fits.

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