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You don't need one but its easier to do tricks higher

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Q: Do you need a light skateboard to do tricks?
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Do you need education to skateboard?

no you do not really need to be educated to ride a skateboard. all you really need to know about the skateboard is how to ride it and do tricks and have good enough balance

Do you need Vans to do any tricks on a Skateboard?

Ummm....type of shoe does not really matter. What matters really is your skill with a skateboard. Asking "Do you need Vans to do any tricks on a skateboard" is like asking "Do you need a ladder to clean a toilet?" It is completely irrelevant and the answer to both is "No."

Do you need skateboard shoes to skate?

you dont realy need them, they do help with tricks and grip

Do skateboard tricks have numbers?


Do low trucks on a skateboard make it easier to do tricks?

no its how u ride and usually how light they are and your abilitys

What are some cool tricks to do with a skateboard?

There are many cool tricks that one could do with a skateboard while skating. One of the coolest things one can do with a skateboard is to grind rails or corners with the skateboard.

What is the function of a skateboard?

The function of a skateboard in modern days is for transportation and doing tricks.

What are the basic skateboard tricks?


What is the best skateboard company for tricks?


Do you capitalize names of skateboard tricks?

no you don't have to

What does Skateboard means?

Skateboard is a piece of wood with wheels that you can do tricks and roll around in bowls on.

How do you judge a skateboard competition?

by three things. the difficulty of the tricks, the variety of tricks, and the style of them.

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