Do skateboard tricks have numbers

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: Do skateboard tricks have numbers
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What are the basic skateboard tricks?


Do you capitalize names of skateboard tricks?

no you don't have to

Do you need a light skateboard to do tricks?

You don't need one but its easier to do tricks higher

What type of style skateboard is good for tricks?

The original type of skateboard is much better than the other! It is very hard to do tricks on longboards and on plastic cruisers

What is a wheeled platform for transportation or to perform tricks?


How do you win skateboard competitions?

make a lot of tricks

Where can one find information about skateboard tricks?

Youtube is a great resource for skateboard tricks as so many people film themselves doing them and post these videos there. In the description for many of the videos there is extensive information about how they have performed the tricks.

What are the ratings and certificates for Concrete Surfer Skateboard Tricks and Tips - 2008 V?

Concrete Surfer Skateboard Tricks and Tips - 2008 V is rated/received certificates of: UK:E

What is harder to do tricks with a bike or a skateboard?

A bike is way harder to do tricks you have to time every thing or you will fall .

How many skateboard tricks are there?

there are more then 100 skateboarding trick.

What are all of the tricks you can do on a Tech Deck?

anything you can do on a real skateboard....

How do you do tricks on a skateboard without faling off?

its called "balance"