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No, for amateur rent-a- car. For professional racing you will need it.

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Q: Do you need a go kart license to ride a go kart?
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Can you ride a go kart on the sidewalk in Michigan?

You can not ride a go kart on the sidewalk in Michigan.

Do you need a commercial driver's license to drive passengers in go kart?


Do you need a license to drive a Go-Kart?

No so long as you are on private property.

Can you ride a 33cc go cart on the side walk?

yes you can you can ride whon on the road if your go kart is fast and you have to have a go kart lisens

Do you have to have a license to buy a go-cart?

No you do not have to have a license to purchase a go-kart I have one and I bought it myself and don't have a license.

Can you ride a go kart on the road in rhode island?


Can you ride a go kart on sides streets?

No, you cannot.

How do you get a go kart license in NJ?

In New Jersey, according to the MVC, you don't need titling and registration to drive a go-kart. IDK if that means that it's street legal, but titling and registration aren't required

Do you need a license to ride a 49 cc scooter in Iowa?

If the scooter goes above 30 mph, you need a motorcycle certification on your license. If it does not go above 30 mph, it is considered a moped, and you do not need a motorcycle certification. You still need a license, though.

In LA can you ride a Go Kart legally in the mountains?

== == == == yes

Can you ride a go kart in the street?

Yes, but it's illegal

Place to ride a go kart?

you dirty smelly rat

Who was the first person to ride in a go kart?

the person who did was sirchristan alexander

How tall do you have to be to ride a go kart at starland?

9 foot 11

Where do you get a license for a go kart?

At the local karting governing body (federation)

Does a kid or teen have to have a license to drive a go kart in your neighborhood?


When did Michael Schumacher get his go kart license?

Michael Schumacher got his go kart licence when he was 12 years old. The normal age is 14 years old.

Do you need motorcycle LICENSE to ride a 49cc gas scooter STAND UP in Illinois?

yes you need a lisense to ride any scooter go to the buro and get lincense its easy to get have fun

What is the coolest place you could ride your Ben 10 Alien Force bike or go kart and why?

A skate park because the ramps and slides in there are really fun if you're in a go kart.

Is a 3.5hp lawn mower engine powerful enough for a go kart?

its not a ride on lawnmower

Where do you apply to become a go-kart racer?

well what you need to do is go to a go kart hire place and ask them if they have any forms tho become a go kart race or you can go to a moterbike shop

Is a go kart street legal if it has a license plate?

If it has a legally registered license plate to the specific cart, then that would mean the kart would have had to go through the DMV licensing process, which would tell you if it was legal or not. Generally the vehicles need to have turn signals, a horn, and proper lights like brake lights. I would contact your local department of motor vehicles or licensing agency and ask them.

Do you need a bike license to ride a dirt bike off road?

Yes, You need to go to the department of motor veichles and register your bike otherwise when you go on trails and find out you dont then you get the bike impounded and get a fine

How do you delete people's profiles on Mario kart wii?

Go on their profile and go to the top license Settings and go to erase profile!

Can you delete your time trial data on Mario Kart Wii?

The only way to delete data is to go to the license settings screen and press delete license.